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Graeme provides top quality legal skills training in important areas such as negotiation skills; civil drafting … He always achieves top feedback scores from our lawyers and makes a substantial impact. 
Roger Patterson, Baker & McKenzie Hong Kong

Graeme has conducted negotiation workshops in Australia and in Hong Kong, China and Singapore since 2006.  The workshops range from basic principles for two party negotiations to multiparty negotiations (eg a major construction project) and considering particular issues that may be encountered.

There is considerable emphasis on the analysis and preparation required before any negotiation is conducted and then, subject to overall length of the workshop, interactive small group sessions with participants engaging in parts of negotiations to apply principles and skills.  The negotiations are often based upon actual client files for direct application in practice.

Graeme has run small group workshops as well as larger workshops conducted as part of national firm retreats.

Negotiation workshops are often combined with other skills areas such as advocacy or drafting.